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About AVK


For over 30 years AVK have been providing Generator & UPS solutions for mission critical services and systems.

No matter the scale or how challenging. We can design any system containing UPS systems, standby generators, switch gear & control systems around your requirements, in the present and for the future.

We have offices and service hubs across the UK and Europe with a unique ability to design, manufacture, install and service standby power systems.

Our History

AVK-SEG was founded in 1989 and were initially the UK specialists for both the AVK and SEG product ranges including protection relays for grid applications. We quickly established a reputation as experts in Diesel Rotary UPS systems (DRUPS), which became our core business for a number of years. We recognised early the shift in the marketplace towards Static power protection systems, and set up an exclusive partnership agreement with one of Europe’s largest manufacturers to supply and maintain large numbers of their equipment in the UK, which enabled us to build on our reputation but also increase our brand recognition.

More and more of the large-scale projects we were involved in required Diesel Generator sets in addition to the UPS we offered, and as the trust in our team and experience continued to grow, we were approached by a number of clients to take on further responsibilities for their critical power systems. To meet these demands for a ‘one stop shop’ we expanded our offering to include other products that complete a power protection package – Generators, UPS, Switchgear, Relays and Controls. A number of global manufacturers were keen to work with us, and with their support, we were able to diversify our offering and open up a range of business opportunities. Initial success delivering LV projects for Telecoms quickly grew into massive successes delivering large scale HV multi-module projects for Data Centres and various campus sites, enabling us to become the UK’s leader in critical power solutions.

Our clients rely on us to deliver best-in-class solutions to complex power challenges – driving us to constantly grow and develop both our product and service offerings to meet their needs. To that end, with an increasing drive towards sustainability, recent years have seen us partner with other industry leaders to grow our expertise in sustainable power solutions such as gas generators and battery storage systems – both of which help our clients to not only save money but increase their revenue streams.

Over thirty years down the line, AVK are one of the most trusted power solutions providers across the UK and Europe, but we haven’t lost track of our beginnings. Our unique ability to design, manufacture, install and service standby power systems across a number of sectors sees us at the forefront of the industry – a position we strive to maintain – with the same determination to deliver for our clients and the same drive to succeed.


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Our values

Over the last 30 years AVK has grown and adapted to the ever-changing needs of a range of customers, utilising new and consistently developing products and technologies. Over the years our Mission Statement has evolved but its core has remained the same. Our statement and our values as a business are what makes us stand out and what makes our future so bright.

Over the years the one thing that has set AVK apart from all our competition – that has kept us continuously
growing and evolving is our biggest asset – our Team. Our team are some of the most skilled, most experienced,
and more importantly, most committed people in this industry and our shared drive to always deliver the best possible solutions and service underpins everything we do.

AVK are The Power People, and we share the same values.


Because –Planning is everything.


We Expect the unexpected and account for it. Our experience had taught us how to manage and anticipate challenges, and when we’re prepared – we deliver on time, on budget


We strive to Over-deliver. We’re happy to let our hardest efforts becoming our normal standard.


We Perfect over time. We grow, learn and evolve so we get it right first time – every time.


We Learn. Constantly. Every day’s a school day! We’re never complacent about our knowledge. We’re the very best but in an industry that grows everyday – so we have to be top of our game.


We always strive to Exceed, in every aspect of our business. From the products we install, to the service we offer – we always want to be the best in class.

Our exec team

Our Exec team drives our company, guides our strategy and leads our people across all areas of the business. Please contact our Maidenhead HQ to speak to a member of the team directly.

Ben Pritchard
Ben Pritchard Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Neil Aitchison
Neil Aitchison Chief of Staff (COS)
Paul Hammett
Paul Hammett Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
Dean Bradshaw
Dean Bradshaw Chief Sales Officer (CSO)
Tom Ryan
Tom Ryan General Counsel (GC)
David Lee
David Lee Chief Commercial Officer (CCO)