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Battery Storage

Battery Storage Solutions

At the forefront of Power Generation technologies, AVK have designed and utilised ABSS (AVK Battery Storage Solutions) to deliver innovative Battery Storage solutions for a range of client applications.

Critical applications using gas turbines, reciprocating gas engines, and diesel engines coupled with Energy Storage Systems offers incredible flexibility whilst being able to competitively offer Grid-Scale Storage Solutions.

To differentiate AVK’s offering within the ABSS Industry, a full EPC wrap including Grid Studies, Civils, Project Management and local hands-on experienced engineers provide a 4-hour response to site. Our experience and partnerships with renowned technology providers supports our ability to successfully deliver ’in-front-of-the-meter’ and ‘behind-the-meter’ applications, gained through over 50GW of Inverter technology installed world-wide. Various battery systems have been tested and installed with AVK’s chosen Inverter Partner using Sodium Batteries, Super Capacitors, NMC & LFP Li-Ion batteries, ranging from seconds of autonomy / energy to hours of installed energy.

In addition to the many models of battery available, a flexible warranty for LFP batteries is offered which undertakes a holistic overview of the battery usage, to ensure unused cycles can be used right up to the battery’s end of life.

Supporting our critical power clients, a modularised solution is used to compliment fast starting Gas Generator Sets which not only maintains the critical load, but with the addition of an integrated control system, offers the flexibility to trade the asset whilst ensuring the Energy Solution operates to UK Grid Code / specific nuisances to site.


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