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Standby diesel generators

Standby Diesel Generators

For mission-critical systems and facilities where 100% power is vital for 100% of the time, a backup generator power system is essential to the continuous power delivery during times of mains power failure or outages.

Where a UPS system will protect power to your critical equipment for a short period dependent on battery autonomy; a standby generator will, when longer outages occur, protect your equipment for much longer periods of time from hours to days or even weeks dependent on fuel storage.

AVK have over 30 years’ experience and expertise in the supply, installation and maintenance of diesel standby generators and genset packages across Europe. Whether you require standby diesel generator to provide you with power generation during a mains power failure or a prime power diesel generator set to generate your power off grid, our range covers all business requirements from single 5kW generators to multi-module generators providing 4MVA power.

Our standby diesel generator range provides reliable backup power to support medium to larger scale loads. We can design, install and maintain:

With changes to the fuel legislation due as part of the UK Governments commitment to net zero , AVK also offer a comprehensive range of services to help you transition from traditional diesel to renewable fuels.

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