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For over 30 years AVK have been the exclusive UK and Ireland distributor for the SEG range of protection relays. Whether under the SEG or the Woodward’s brand, the quality and innovation of the protection relays have remained the same.

SEG Electronics GmbH has over 50 years’ experience in the manufacture of advanced and reliable protection relays for Power Generation and Power Distribution applications. 

Our range of protection relays give comprehensive protection for power generation and energy distribution in various applications including generators, transformers, motors, cables and overhead lines as well as busbars.

We are specialist in Distributed Energy Resources (DER) grid connections and have some of the most reliable and advanced G99 and G10 mains decoupling relays on the market today.

All products are manufactured in Germany according to ISO 9001 with fast delivery and technical support when you need it most. Development and testing of all our electronic devices in accordance with international standards including IEC 60255

Our ranges are as follows:


Our most advanced range of door mounted protection relays offer a one device solution for whatever application you need including:

All protection functions included as standard allow you to offer a better solution without any additional costs.

Dual Current Inputs – works with 1A and 5A CTs

Wide operating range means you don’t need to specify measuring or control voltages 110/233/400AC 24-220V DC

Wide range power supply, no need to specify aux voltage

By offering such a comprehensive and flexible relay means less options during ordering and the quickest delivery time possible.


Door mounted withdrawable relays for simple reliable protection.


Self-Powered Overcurrent and Earth Fault Relays

Rugged relays that do not require an auxiliary supply

Electro pulse output to trip breaker directly

Low Cost Relays

Professional Line 

Basic Line

Relay Software

SEG SmartView Relay Software

Free to use relay setting software

Works with all ranges of SEG Relays

Includes disturbance recording analysis software

Site Services

We also provide full technical support for all our products including in house training and on-site commissioning.

We can offer G99 Testing as well as primary and secondary injection for applications including overcurrent and differential relays.

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