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Energy Solutions

Introducing the next generation
of sustainable energy solutions

Our years of experience and technological know-how tell us there isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ solution or clear end structure in the design of power solution. However, we believe that these challenges along with the increasingly complex issues surrounding grid restrictions, gives the data centre market an opportunity to make a significant change in the way energy (especially standby energy) is utilised.

AVK is already helping our clients to meet their carbon reduction goals with our Fuel Transition Service converting a large number of existing sites from using traditional diesel to HVO. This gives around a 20% saving on emissions and an almost 90% reduction on their carbon footprint. For more information click here.

Data centres are some of the most power-hungry pieces of modern infrastructure, and as their average size increases, the demand for energy will soon outstrip grid availability.

As owners and operators need to bridge the gap between cost efficiency, critical power availability and stringent sustainability targets, embracing innovative energy management strategies through renewable on-site generation is becoming a mission critical priority for an environmentally sustainable future.

AVK, with over 30 years’ experience delivering critical power solutions and experts in the Data Centre power industry, have developed an approach to harness the power of modern distributed energy technologies combined with ground-breaking optimisation solutions.

A local, decentralised energy centre designed, built and maintained by AVK allows our data centre clients to utilise hydrogen-ready technology with significantly reduced emissions and also support the grid at times of high demand. Together, we help power your Data Centre to keep it profitable, competitive and contributing to a carbon neutral world.

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