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Control Upgrades

Control Upgrades

For mission-critical systems and facilities where 100% power is vital for 100% of the time, backup generator power system reliability is essential to continuous power delivery during times of mains power failure or outages. The most common failure with standby generators is the control system.

AVK can help you to maintain ultimate control of your power protection.

Most generators amass very few running hours during their lifespan, and with regular maintenance, the engine and main AC alternator can be reliable and supportable for well over twenty years. But, as the control systems that operate your generators age, they can fail and become unsupportable as advances in technology move on. Control Upgrades allow your existing standby power system to take full advantage of the technological advances in generator controls without replacing the gensets themselves, offering a cost-effective method of upgrading your critical power systems.

Deepsea ATS and bus-tie control panel for Critical Healthcare application

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