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News item

AVK-SEG consolidates online presence with new look .com website

We’ve been in business for a long while, and as you can imagine, in that time, we’ve seen a lot of growth and changes.

From new technologies and practices to new locations and achievements, we’ve seen (and learned) from them all. Along the way, we’ve brought together the people, partnerships, skills and knowledge to become the industry leaders in the field of critical power. And we’re not finished yet…

With significant growth across Europe, recent acquisitions and our focal shift to sustainable solutions, it’s more important than ever that what we do so well translates internationally. With nearly 200 people helping to deliver over 3.5GW of critical power across Europe, now is the ideal time to bring together our trusted brand globally.

To that end, we’ve consolidated and expanded our online presence into one single space – All our regional domains will now redirect to a single website, which provides comprehensive information about all our services and capabilities, together with up-to-date insights and snapshots of our work.

This is phase one, and as we continue our current growth trajectory, will be growing with us to keep our clients (old and new) updated on how we can help build and maintain your critical power infrastructure now, and in the future. When asked about this exciting new development for the business, Ben Pritchard, Sales Director commented:

“This new website is a big step forward for AVK. Previously, we only skimmed the surface of some of our offerings, but our new site really allows us to cover a much wider range of our areas of expertise. This is only the beginning. As AVK continues to offer more services, to more sectors across different areas of the world, will grow with us to meet our clients’ expectations for an enriched, consistent service.”

The new website also marks the finalisation of AVK’s soft re-brand which began just at the outbreak of the Covid Pandemic. With so many assets located on sites across Europe, updating the legacy branding has been a massive undertaking, but we firmly believe that connecting as a single, global brand will enable our business to continue to go from strength to strength.